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Brick private red
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Brick private red

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Brand:Житомирский комбинат силикатных изделий
Country of manufacture:Ukraine

To your attention a brick the red private brands M 76, 100, 125, 150, 200, 250 and 300po to the most attractive prices, direct deliveries from the manufacturer, bystry delivery periods, consultation from the professional free of charge! We wait for you by phone:


The brick is construction corpulent

Construction ordinary brick - the artificial stone of the correct form created from mineral materials and gaining kamnepodobny properties after roasting or processing the ferry. The ordinary brick is the most ancient construction material. Though up to our time not burned brick raw had the widest circulation in many countries, it is frequent with addition in clay of reasonable straw, application in construction of the burned brick also goes back to an extreme antiquity (constructions in Egypt, the 3-2nd millennium BC).

Ordinary brick corpulent
Corpulent brick - material with a small volume of emptiness (it is less than 13%). It is applied to a laying of internal and external walls, construction of the columns, columns and other designs bearing additional loading besides a body weight.

Owing to the fact that this material is used mainly for construction of the bearing elements of buildings other its names - "a construction brick", "a usual brick", "an ordinary brick "are distributed. It has to have high durability on a bend, on compression (if the design is strongly loaded, then it is possible to order the M250 brand and even M300), to be frost-resistant. IN ACCORDANCE WITH GOST the maximum brand on frost resistance of such brick - F50, but it is possible to meet also a brick of the F75 brand.
Porosity defines the heat-insulating properties, quality of coupling with masonry solution, and at the same time and absorption of moisture when changing weather. Water absorption of a usual brick has to be more than 8%, and at the market there is a material at which this size reaches 20%. Pay attention: resistance to a heat transfer of a corpulent brick is small. Therefore the external walls which are completely laid out from this material demand additional warming.

** The ordinary brick ** does not demand facing, and at a due thickness of a wall does not demand also warming. However in the esthetic purposes external walls from a brick cover with plaster or close a facing brick. For additional warming use polyfoam.

First, rather high level of durability on compression designated by a letter M (the indicator is higher, the durability level is higher), so, an ordinary brick of brand M 100, M 150, M 125 is optimum for implementation of works on construction of facilities of any complexity.

Secondly, existence of absorption of moisture provides not only reliable coupling, but also will prevent emergence of dampness and a mold.

Thirdly, convenience of installation significantly accelerates speed and the course of building.

Depending on a look the ordinary construction brick finds the application practically at all stages of construction of the building, so, the ordinary corpulent brick is used at laying of the bases, fireplaces and bearing walls, and hollow - at a construction of interroom partitions. In this regard let's define, the main distinctive features of these types of a brick.

Choice of a construction brick

The professional builder, or the private builder - all these people face a problem of the choice of a brick for construction sooner or later. And whether there is a problem? The brick as the most ancient construction material is perfectly studied, and at the correct approach it is really not difficult to make the choice for this or that product. Material for a brick, that material which we understand as a brick - clay, however is also other type of a brick - silicate, however we will stop after all on ceramic.

Construction or as it still call an ordinary brick it is possible to divide conditionally on hollow and corpulent. In recent years there was also a porizovanny brick - it is a special case of a hollow brick in which besides the pustotnost arising at formation there are microemptiness which are turning out when roasting, due to burning out of flammable additives in clay. Such brick possesses unique characteristics in heat conductivity, small weight that allows to make bricks of the big size, they are called still large-format blocks, the size they reach to 15 NF (the size of a usual brick to which all of us got used 1 NF or 250-85-65 mm). The Porizovanny stone has smaller durability, and respectively and the bearing ability that however does not affect in low construction in any way.

Let's return to standard bricks hollow or as it still sometimes is called - perforated and corpulent. The corpulent construction brick has the increased physical properties in comparison with hollow, however at the same time is significantly more expensive, weighs more, and respectively demands

Brand:Житомирский комбинат силикатных изделий
Country of manufacture:Ukraine
Purpose of brick:Common
Information is up-to-date: 16.09.2019
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