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AEROC EcoTerm gas-block (system groove crest)
  • AEROC EcoTerm gas-block (system groove crest)
  • AEROC EcoTerm gas-block (system groove crest)
  • AEROC EcoTerm gas-block (system groove crest)

AEROC EcoTerm gas-block (system groove crest)

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1390 UAH
Brand:Aeroc Обухов, Березань
Country of manufacture:Ukraine

Relevance of material

The last time many at construction of walls for houses give preference to gas - concrete blocks. It is not surprising as they are practical in application on a number of factors:

- the correct geometrical form and systems a groove crest allow build a structure without involvement of expensive specialists builders.

- at the expense of a set of air chambers in the Aeroc gas - block it is possible to reach the best thermal insulation in comparison with other materials.

- high durability and longevity of material.

- frost resistance and a practicality for application in any climatic conditions.

Modern manufacturing techniques

The Aeroc plant in Ukraine conforms to the highest requirements of the international standards and constantly conducts work on improvement of quality of the production.

Mix of cellular concrete consists from: the crushed lime, aluminum powder, a plaster stone, ground quartz sand, water and cement. All this is filled up in the correct proportions in the mixer and kneaded as dough for bread. Further mix is placed in warm damp confinement where there is its raising by the principle of barmy pie. At the expense of it the huge number of a so - called air time which allows material to keep high thermal insulation is formed. After that material is cut on the high - precision equipment which provides correctness of geometrical forms of finished product. For final hardening the cut blocks go in the autoclave where with a high pressure and temperature of 184 degrees they gain the final properties.

It is important to note that on all made production the plant provides the certificate of quality. All gas - concrete blocks are packed into a special film on the pallet that allows to secure them against impact of rainfall in storage time in the open air.

Options of selection and purchase

Aeroc gas - blocks differ among themselves in durability and a form. Their applications depends on the amount of construction and its configuration.

We offer you the full product range of Aeroc at the most attractive prices in the market. Having called to us you get advice from the professional concerning the choice of version of Aeroc blocks necessary to you, the best way of delivery in the mildest terms. Also we are ready to help you in case you were not defined from what material yet will build: the brick red or silicate , and can buy not the gas - block , and foam concrete block ? What producer will better satisfy yours potrebnosti: stounlaynt , UDK , Aeroc , ZhKSI or still still someone?

Brand:Aeroc Обухов, Березань
Country of manufacture:Ukraine
Information is up-to-date: 16.09.2019
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